Launch Of Our Site

Hello Welcome To Charity Honor Boxes Website.

We Have Some Great Boxes And Look Forward To Doing Business With You.

A little About Us...

We Started Looking For A Business In 2018. We Started To See Ads On Craigslist For Honor Boxes. I Talked To my partner and we took the dive and Ordered 20 Boxes with locations In March 2019. We Paid A lot Of Money, I think It was 639.99 With Shipping. We got To Learn from our experience the bad and the good.It  took Us 2 Months to get ROI back which is not bad but we wanted to give back more. After looking at these Honor Box prices, We thought that We Could Give A Better Price And A Better Experience. So we  Did Our Homework and came up with Our Own Company Online which is Called "Charity Honor Boxes". We have A goal here to give Back To Charity, So we decided that every box we sell We Will Donate $1.00 To Charities .