Helping The Homeless

How You Can Help

Helping someone less fortunate than yourself is a selfless act that can have a tremendous impact on the life of another human being.

What Charities Should I Donate To

Well, you can do like us. We actually take the donation part and go out and buy supplies for our local homeless. We shoot videos and post them on our Charity Honor Boxes Facebook Page.

Or We Recommend These Charities Below

  • United Way. United Way has a network of community-based offices across the country. ...
  • YWCA. With a focus on women in its core mission, YWCA works to address the unique needs of those living in poverty and strives for outcomes that increase emotional and economic self-sufficiency. ...
  • Feeding America. ...
  • Mercy Housing. ...
  • Goodwill.

Can I Donate To A Difference Charity Then Above


We Also Encourage You Post Your Donations On Our Facebook Page

By doing this as a group and showing our donations. This will make it easier to get locations with proof of donations.